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Most of us get our wisdom teeth while we are in our teens or twenties. These third molars are the final teeth to enter the mouth, and they tend to cause long-term health concerns. Preemptive wisdom teeth removal is a smart investment in the long-term integrity of your smile and in your overall quality of life.

At Mosaic Maxillofacial Surgical Arts & Implant Centers, we are pleased to offer wisdom teeth removal in Westchase, FL. Our practice is proud to have a team of board-certified oral surgeons who are committed to patient comfort, safety, and clinical outcomes.

When To Have Wisdom Teeth Removed

Many patients wonder at what age they should have their wisdom teeth removed. As a rule of thumb, it is advisable to have the wisdom teeth taken out as soon as it is feasible, usually in your late teens or early twenties.

By having your wisdom teeth removed earlier rather than later in life, you can reduce the likelihood of the root structures becoming complex and more difficult to remove. In other words, having your wisdom teeth removed earlier in life tends to result in a smoother, less complicated process, and in a more expedient and comfortable recovery.

Why Is Wisdom Teeth Removal Necessary?

By the time your wisdom teeth emerge, your smile is already crowded. There is often insufficient space for the wisdom teeth to emerge as normal, which can result in them becoming impacted. This simply means that they remain trapped, whether partially or completely, under gum tissue or bone.

Impacted wisdom teeth can cause a number of long-term oral health complications. Some examples include:

  • Your impacted wisdom teeth may damage the teeth around them, whether by pushing against them or simply by spreading infection.
  • When the wisdom teeth are impacted, it makes them harder to clean. This can result in a heightened risk of bacterial infection, which can spread to other teeth and even to the gums.
  • Impacted wisdom teeth can also cause the formation of small cysts. These cysts may result in discomfort or damage to the smile, and they also make it more likely that you will develop tumors in your mouth.

Even when the wisdom teeth do not become impacted, they often emerge at unusual angles. This can lead to problems, too, including crowding and misalignment of your adjacent teeth. This may compromise the aesthetics of your smile, and can even impede your ability to brush, floss, speak, bite, and chew.

For these and many other reasons, it is highly recommended that you seek wisdom teeth removal sooner rather than later, avoiding more challenging oral health needs down the road.

What To Expect from Wisdom Teeth Removal

The wisdom teeth removal journey begins with a consultation. You will meet with an oral surgeon to discuss treatment options and ask any questions you might have about the procedure, recovery, and final results. Additionally, your surgeon will examine your teeth and jaw, verifying that you are a good candidate for a safe, successful wisdom teeth procedure.

On the day of your wisdom teeth removal, you will be led back to a private treatment area, where we will administer anesthesia. Once you are fully comfortable, your surgeon will carefully remove the wisdom teeth and close the incision sites. Most of the time, this procedure takes under an hour to complete. You will then be discharged to head home for some rest. It is important to have someone who can drive you home safely.

Recovery from wisdom teeth removal usually takes just a few days. If you have your wisdom teeth out on a Thursday or Friday, you will likely be ready to resume your normal school or work activities by Monday. For the first few days of recovery, you will need to stick to liquids and soft foods, avoiding drinking straws. You can also anticipate some mild soreness or swelling, but these symptoms can be mediated with over-the-counter medications.

Why You Should Visit MOSAIC for Wisdom Teeth Removal

At Mosaic Maxillofacial Surgical Arts & Implant Centers, we are proud to have a proven track record of clinical excellence. Our surgeons use research-backed technologies to promote an optimal experience and expedient recovery. We are happy to perform routine wisdom teeth procedures for patients in Westchase, FL.

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Wisdom teeth removal can be a meaningful investment in the long-term health of your smile, helping you to avoid serious complications down the road. To schedule a wisdom teeth consultation in Westchase, FL, contact Mosaic Maxillofacial Surgical Arts & Implant Centers today at (813) 749-0930.