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Facial trauma can encompass a wide range of injuries to the face. These injuries may include the teeth, skin, and bones. Tampa residents may sustain injuries from vehicle accidents, sports incidents, workplace mishaps, acts of violence, falls, or other impacts. The oral and maxillofacial surgeons at MOSAIC Maxillofacial Surgical Arts & Implant Centers provide facial trauma restoration to treat these injuries. From lacerations to fractures to avulsed teeth, our oral surgeons in Tampa, FL can safely and effectively treat these conditions due to their extensive knowledge of the structures and nerves of the face.

Addressing Facial Trauma

Oral and maxillofacial surgeons are uniquely qualified to treat facial injuries to optimize long-term function and appearance. Fractures may require resetting and stabilizing the bones in the jaw, cheek, nose, or eye socket. Knocked-out (avulsed) teeth should be preserved in milk or salt water as they may be able to be reinserted. In other cases, dental implants may be used to restore any missing teeth. An oral surgeon can also repair lacerations while carefully navigating the nerves throughout the face as well as salivary glands and ducts.

When Should You Seek Emergency Care?

Obvious signs of trauma warrant a trip to the emergency room for treatment, such as lacerations to the face or missing teeth. But other times, injuries are not as apparent. For instance, a fractured or weakened jaw may be mistaken for tooth pain. A panoramic x-ray or CT scan can reveal fractures and other problems that require surgical treatment.

If you have sustained an impact to your face or are experiencing ongoing facial pain or difficulty breathing, speaking, or chewing, you should seek emergency care to rule out soft tissue damage, fractures, or other craniofacial injuries.

About Our Practice

At MOSAIC Maxillofacial Surgical Arts & Implant Centers, our oral surgeons know how emotionally charged facial trauma can be. We provide calming, compassionate care to evaluate the extent of your injuries and develop a detailed treatment plan that encompasses emergency or acute care as well as long-term restoration to keep you looking and feeling your best. We engage in extensive training to stay abreast of the latest techniques and best practices for managing facial trauma and improving outcomes.

Get Professional Care for Your Facial Trauma in Tampa, FL

The surgeons at MOSAIC Maxillofacial Surgical Arts & Implant Centers are associated with local hospitals and emergency rooms in the Tampa area to respond to facial trauma cases and provide exceptional patient care. Do not delay – get facial injuries evaluated to maximize recovery.

To schedule a facial trauma consultation in Tampa, contact our office located in New Port Richey, Clearwater, Lutz, or Westchase.