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Exparel: Opioid-Free Pain Management

What is Exparel?

Exparel is a long-lasting numbing agent that is non-addictive and offers an alternative solution to using opioids to manage postsurgical pain. MOSAIC uses Exparel for procedures like dental implants, wisdom teeth removal, and more.

Exparel is injected directly into the surgical site at the time of surgery and starts working before your feel the pain. Exparel can last for the first few days after surgery when you need it the most. Many patients receive opioids after surgery, but opioids aren’t for everyone. Young adults who take opioids after oral surgery are 3 times more likely to become long-term users. Patients that used Exparel reported having less pain and required fewer opioids. * Based on clinical studies of surgeries using Exparel as an alternative to standard care.* If you are interested in learning more about Exparel, ask your oral surgeon about your pain plan before surgery.

For more information on Exparel, visit the Exparel website.