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Young Female Model Considering Wisdom Teeth Removal Wisdom teeth removal is recommended for the vast majority of patients, especially for teenagers and younger adults. If you are considering having your wisdom teeth removed at a younger age, or a parent looking into having your child’s wisdom teeth removed, here’s why extracting them at a younger age is often beneficial.

Benefits of Removing Wisdom Teeth at a Younger Age

While there is no hard-set rule on what age is best for wisdom teeth removal, our experienced oral surgeons often find that younger patients fare better than those who are older.

Accelerated Healing Abilities

Generally, younger individuals have stronger, more robust wound healing and regeneration, leading to a faster and easier recovery process following the removal of wisdom teeth. This means you can get back to living life quicker after surgery if you have your wisdom teeth removed when you are younger.

Surgery is Easier to Perform

As we age, the root system of our teeth begins to calcify and becomes denser, which can lead to a difficult, painful, and complex wisdom teeth extraction. When removing wisdom teeth at a younger age, the roots are softer and not fully formed, making surgery far easier to perform.

Prevents Unwanted Oral Health Problems

Allowing the wisdom teeth to break through the gums can have numerous implications. Not only can this lead to overcrowding of the teeth, which may cause damage to adjacent molars, but it can also result in teeth misalignment that often costs thousands to fix.

Furthermore, emerging wisdom teeth can cause bacterial infections, ulcerations of the gum, and the decay of surrounding teeth. Removing wisdom teeth at a young age helps to avoid these serious issues.

Experienced Wisdom Teeth Removal

Are you wondering if you or your child is ready for wisdom teeth removal? Schedule a consultation with one of the experienced oral surgeons at Mosaic Maxillofacial Surgery Arts & Implant Center. We are here to help you determine the right course of treatment for an optimal outcome.