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The wisdom teeth are the final teeth to develop, typically emerging during the late teens or early 20s. The jaw is usually too small to accommodate these final teeth, and with insufficient space to erupt, they become trapped beneath gum and bone. Wisdom teeth can cause chronic pain, aesthetic issues, and several other complications, which is why they are often removed preemptively.

This is not the case for every person. A small number of people may live a perfectly normal, healthy life with their wisdom teeth in place. The problem is that wisdom teeth complications often develop many years after the fact, sometimes as late as the thirties or forties. And because it is more likely than not that any given patient will develop complications eventually, it is typically recommended to simply have the wisdom teeth removed as a preventative measure.

Why Have the Wisdom Teeth Removed Proactively?

Because they so often become impacted, wisdom teeth can result in a number of long-term oral health problems. Some of the most common examples include an increased risk of gum disease, severe tooth decay, oral cysts, and even an increased likelihood of developing oral cancer. To prevent the possibility of these health conditions, the only solution is wisdom teeth removal.

Also, wisdom teeth tend to enter the smile at an angle. Even if the angle does not lead to impaction, wisdom teeth are still more likely to rub against the surrounding teeth and press against them too tightly. As a result, keeping these wisdom teeth makes it harder to clean the teeth, and increases the risk of tooth decay and periodontal disease.

Even when wisdom teeth enter the mouth without being at a harmful angle, it is rare that the jaw has enough room for them to fit. As a result, the emergence of wisdom teeth can shift the rest of the smile out of alignment, leading to difficulty in chewing food and keeping the smile clean. In other words, wisdom teeth can be problematic even when there is no impaction or odd angle.

Wisdom Teeth Removal is a Good Option

Because it is rare for wisdom teeth to emerge without any short-term or long-term consequences, the overwhelming majority of patients benefit from preventative wisdom teeth removal. Having the wisdom teeth removed as early as possible limits the possibility and severity of these unwanted effects and can reduce the need for more substantial clinical intervention at a later date.

To determine eligibility for wisdom teeth removal, schedule a consultation with an oral surgeon. MOSAIC Maxillofacial Surgical Arts & Implant Centers provides wisdom teeth removal for patients in Clearwater, FL, and the surrounding area. Find out more by checking out the MOSAIC wisdom teeth removal page.